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I love to travel and would like to visit as many places as I can while I can! I consider myself extremely fortunate to have seen so much of our wonderful and diverse world. The photographs of holidays I have enjoyed over the years remind me of good times and good experiences with new friends made along the way.

I am a very keen genealogist and always happy to spend time trawling through historical records. My family history begins with the Wheeler and Stiff families mainly located in the London, Middlesex, Surrey and Suffolk areas. The families also appear in many other locations across the UK and further afield in Australia, Canada and the USA . The tree has taken many years of research to build and contains over 2000 names some dating back as far as the 16th century. My complete tree can be found at (although this is currently being updated).

I have also included a section on my little grandaughter Reyanna. It was written during her fight against cancer and it somehow doesn’t feel right to update it after all this time.

Apologies for the poor photographs especially the earlier pictures taken on film. I wouldn’t have considered taking my camera everywhere as I now do with my phone – many lost opportunities sadly.

On a more frivolous note I have included a page of my Chelsea FC photos. Please indulge me on this one!



This website is updated on a regular basis as new information becomes available or when factual errors are noted. It is by no means complete and any facts reported as being incorrect and advised of will be amended. Please use the guest book on this website should you wish to contact me.

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